ConQuesT welcomes Sara Felix as our Artist Guest of Honor.

Sara Felix, Artist Guest of Honor

Sara Felix, Artist Guest of Honor

Sara Felix is a Hugo award-winning mixed media artist who creates abstract space art in inks and acrylics with touches of resin.

During the pandemic, Sara started a weekly tiara series for Tiara Tuesdays. She has made over 200 tiaras for the weekly series as well as commissions. She also does a weekly tiara giveaway on the facebook group Concellation, which has more than 40,000 members.

Sara works on a number of conventions. Most recently, she designed the logo for Glasgow in 2024 as well as the label for their gin bottle, the tartan, and many other pieces for the convention.

She has designed or co-designed two Hugo awards and three the Lodestar awards.

She is the president of ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, and is one of the editors of the Journey Planet fanzine.

Her daughter Eva has a YouTube channel that Sara runs called “Eva Eats Everything”, where both girls try a lot of different foods… as long as it isn’t spicy or pickled.

ConQuesT is looking forward to seeing all the pretties and shinies that Sara will bring to our art show!