Are you ready to learn how to duel with a lightsaber, then test your skills in a Lightsaber Tournament? Then you need to be at ConQuesT 54!

  • When: Saturday, June 3!
  • Cost: Free to ConQuesT badge holders.
  • How: Sign up at Registration before 11:30 am Saturday.
  • Important notes:
    • Participants must sign a waiver to participate in the tournament.
    • Participants must be over 13 years old to participate in the lightsaber combat class due to safety considerations. Younger individuals may attend as observers and take the class, but they will not be allowed to actively participate in the tournament.

11:30 am Lightsaber Combat 101: Explanation of Rules and Hands-on Practice. We’ll begin with an explanation of the rules and techniques of lightsaber combat. The instructor will introduce the basic principles, stances, and movements involved in lightsaber combat, emphasizing safety precautions and proper form. This session is suitable for beginners and those new to lightsaber combat. Participants will be provided with lightsabers for practice during the class. These lightsabers are specially designed for training purposes and are lightweight practice sabers to prevent injury. The instructor will demonstrate various combat techniques and allow participants to practice them under supervision. This hands-on practice session aims to familiarize participants with the fundamental movements and build their confidence in wielding a lightsaber.

1:00 pm – Lightsaber Tournament for All Level Fighters. After the explanation and hands-on practice, the class progresses to the tournament session at 1:00 pm. This tournament is open to all participants who have attended the class or another class outside ConQuesT, regardless of their skill level. The tournament serves as a friendly competition where participants can showcase their lightsaber combat skills and apply what they have learned. To ensure fair matchups, participants will be divided into skill level brackets, such as beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Each bracket will have its own round-robin or elimination-style tournament format, depending on the number of participants. The instructor will oversee the matches and ensure adherence to the rules and safety guidelines. Lightsabers will be provided for the tournament as well. Participants can choose from a selection of lightsabers suitable for their preferred combat style or use the same training lightsabers used during the class. Safety gear, such as protective gloves and goggles, will also be available for those who do not have their own.

ConQuesT 54 Lightsaber Tournament

Learn the basics of lightsaber combat and compete in a lightsaber tournament at ConQuesT 54!