Do you have a friend of the furry, scaly, or even creepy-crawly variety? Do you possess a burning desire to dress that creature up in adorable costumes? Well, do we ever have the opportunity for you, because ConQuest is having a virtual Pet Masquerade! All you have to do is dress your pet up in a costume, snap a photo, and submit it to us. We’ll ooh and aah over the adorableness, then put the photos up in our Discord for the conventioneers to enjoy.

How will the winners be determined? Why, by popular vote! We’ll have a Google form linked on the page for people to vote. It’s that easy!

Please follow these rules and submission instructions:

ConQuesT Pet Masquerade

This contest is open to all ConQuesT members who have pets.

How to submit to the Pet Masquerade:

  1. Locate or create your costume.
  2. Locate your pet.
  3. Put the costume on the pet. Yes, that’s right. Destroy your little friend’s dignity, it’s okay. Just think of how cute they’ll look!
  4. Take photos of pet.
  5. Choose the best photo. (Yes, please only one.)
  6. Submit that photo to us via DropBox by Saturday, May 29 at 2pm here:
  7. Please include your name (as the pet’s person) in the name of the file!
  8. Cackle gleefully at the thought that the masses will enjoy your adorable pet photo.

It’s that easy! Oh, wait. We need rules. Okay.

Rules for the Pet Masquerade:

  • Rule 1: Dignity is fair game, but please do not put your pet into danger or into a costume that could harm them.
  • Rule 2: One entry per pet.
  • Rule 3: The pet must be a member of your household.
  • Rule 4: By submitting a photo, you are also bequeathing full usage rights of that photo to ConQuesT.
  • Rule 5: The deadline is Saturday, May 29 at 2pm. We will open the voting page that evening during the regular Masquerade; voting will run until 4pm on Sunday, May 30. Winners will be announced in the Discord.


  • Judging will be entirely arbitrary and subject to the whims of the masses. All pet photos will be posted into the convention Discord. Attendees will vote on their favorites via a Google form also linked from the Discord. Winners will be determined by the highest vote count.
  • Ribbons will be awarded to 1st through 3rd place. Additionally, the 1st place winner will get a $20 gift card to the pet supply store of your choice!
Embarrass Your Pet at the ConQuesT Pet Masquerade

Mayhem (part Maine Coon,100% Trouble) may or may not choose to participate in the virtual ConQuesT Pet Masquerade. You know how cats are. Photo by Allison Stein 2021.