Hello everyone!

As announced at opening ceremonies, we had to cancel Masquerade this year (for many reasons), but we have decided to replace it (this year only!) with Discord Karaoke! Masquerade will return next year when we are able to return to in-person conventions, but in the meantime, let us get excited for singing together!

How to Participate

  1. Join the ConQuesT 52 Discord server [Link to the Discord page: https://conquestkc.org/discord/]
  2. Be sure you authenticate your account and agree to the rules of the server to gain access!
  3. Go down to the #sign-up text channel under the Discord Karaoke Category
  4. List what song you would like to sing for Karaoke (keep it PG-13 please!)
  5. Pull up the Karaoke version your song on your preferred video platform (YouTube, etc)
  6. Click on “Live Stream” to join the queue for Karaoke!

How Karaoke Will Work

Stephanie Sullivan and Jamie Evans will MC Karaoke and stream it to the Ancestors room. They will demonstrate how it works (meaning Stephanie will sing something…possibly poorly), and then the MCs will go through the sign-up (in order) to get folks ready to sing!

When It Is Your Turn To Sing!

  1. The MC’s will unmute you (make sure you’re unmuted on your computer end as well)
  2. Screenshare the application window where you have your Karaoke song queued up
  3. The MCs will focus on you while you sing! Start your song when you’re ready!
  4. When you’re finished, the MCs will remute you, and you stop sharing your screen!
  5. Then we will move on to the next singer!

Guests are welcome into the Discord voice channel, but will not be unmuted to sing.

Discord Karaoke. Photo: Microsoft Stock Photo

Discord Karaoke. Photo: Microsoft Stock Photo