ConQuesT Online is having a Scavenger Hunt!

Without a physical location, this won’t be a normal scavenger hunt. Instead, we are going to send you around your homes and neighborhoods to create or search for Items. And because we know you want to attend our panels and other events during the convention, we will be conducting the Hunt during the week leading up to the con, leaving you free and clear for ConQuesT itself.

Why would you want to do this? Well, because it’s fun! And because we think some of the Items we have planned are pretty weird, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with. And also because there are some fabulous prizes involved. That’s right — the Grand Prize winning team will all get invitations to 2022’s Guest of Honor dinner!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the full list of Rules below and gather four friends to make a team! Or just wrangle your household together to participate! Once you’ve got your crew (and a good team name), sign up using this form!

The Hunt begins on Wednesday, May 19 and runs through May 26!

ConQuesT Scavenger Hunt Rules

  1. Teams 
    • The Team Captain must be age 18 or older.
    • Teams can take one of two configurations:
      • A single household
      • Multiple households of no more than five (5) individual team members age 13 or older
  2. Registration
    • Registration for the Hunt is open to all 2021 ConQuesT members. 
    • Registration will be open from now through May 21.
  3. The Hunt
    • The Hunt shall run from May 19 – May 26.
    • All entries MUST be submitted by 11:59pm on May 26 in order to be eligible.
  4. Agreements
    • All participants in the Hunt must agree to the following:
      • That during the course of the Hunt they will abide by local laws.
      • That during the course of the Hunt they will abide by ConQuesT’s Code of Conduct <link>
      • That during the course of the Hunt they will not risk life or harm to themselves or others in order to achieve an Item. This includes abiding by COVID protocols when attaining Items in public.
      • That they will not share their images and videos with others until the convention has closed. (After con is over, share away!)
      • That ConQuesT retains the right to use and share images and videos submitted during and after the convention for entertainment and marketing purposes.
  5. All Items submitted must be family-friendly. Any Items submitted that do not meet our standards (i.e. be free of nudity, vulgarity, racism, cruelty, etc) shall be disqualified. We reserve the right to make internal determinations on what is appropriate.
  6. Submissions
    • Each Team Captain will be given a link to upload in DropBox. That folder will be otherwise accessible only to convention staff.
    • Photos should be in a standard image format (.png, .jpeg, etc)
    • Videos should be submitted in mp4
    • Each file name should contain the Team Name and Item Number.
    • If you have captions to add to any Item photos, you may do so via one of the following methods:
      • By placing a white bar at the bottom of the photo and typing your caption in black, using a simple, serifed font like Times New Roman or Courier New.
      • If you do not have the ability to add captions directly to your photos, you may type them up on a word processing document and upload it to the DropBox file. Be sure and use your team name for the document name and indicate which Item Number each caption is for!
  7. Cheating
    • Aside from photo captions, Items are NOT to be edited using Photoshop, GIMP, or other image/video editing software. Don’t cheat to achieve Items, guys. It’s not cool. This is for fun, not a battle royale.
    • Likewise, no plagiarizing. You need to get your Items yourselves. We have our ways of knowing.
    • Any team caught cheating will be disqualified from the contest, and individuals involved may also be banned from participating in future ConQuesT competitions.                                                                                                                
  8. Endgame
    • Scores will be totaled by a team of impartial flying cows. 
    • Items will have point values to them (probably). 
    • Bonus points may be awarded if something makes us laugh really hard. 
    • If we can’t figure out how a submission pertains to the Item request (or it’s just a really hard stretch), we may award it zero points. Give us what we ask for. Feed us, Seymour!
  9. Questions?
    • If you have any questions about the Hunt, you can contact us at!
  10. Prizes
    • Grand prize: Membership to ConQuesT in 2022 as well as an invitation to that year’s Guest of Honor Dinner, plus some bags of ConQuest swag
    • 2nd place: Membership to ConQuest in 2022 and ConQuesT swag packs.
    • 3rd place: ConQuesT swag packs.
ConQuesT 2019. Photo by Maegan Kabel.

ConQuesT 2019. Photo by Maegan Kabel.